Have Pets? Will Travel - Have Pets? Will Travel
Home Boarding, Grooming, Daycare, Pet and Home Sitting, Anesthesia-Free Teeth Cleaning
Home Boarding for Dogs
Our service is unique with personal loving care in our home for your pets.  We have created a home away from your home.  We pick up and transport your pets to our home facility.  With our "CAGE-FREE ENVIRONMENT" our little friends feel right at home in their playroom, sleeping area, exercise area, and a secured yard for their safety.
Brutus and Gracie boarding and relaxing in their special room
We offer 24/7 service
for last minute trips
and emergencies!
Your pets will enjoy socializing with
new friends, if they so desire. We 
only accept six little friends to stay overnight to keep the personal care.                                                                      Brutus and Gracie
They receive special feedings, medications, playtime, exercise and daily walks. We provide bedding, toys, food, and goodie treats.  We have the facility and experience to care for special-need pets.
               "Playtime"                                                           "Bedtime"
    Home Boarding                               Doggie Daycare
      $30 - $40 = One Dog per Day                                                  $25 - Per Day per Pet 
     $55 - $75 = Two Dogs per Day                                                         (8-Hour Day)
              (Transportation Included)
            (Discount for Multiply Pets)
"I can't say enough about the great service that Lyle has provided for me and my pinsher "Luther".    I have been using this service since 2005.  Lyle treats the pets as if they were a  part of her family.    I don't have to worry about a thing when I'm on trips.  I  would recommend this service to anyone!".......Tracy
Have Pets? Will Travel    Lyle DeLoach      760-749-0994