Have Pets? Will Travel - Have Pets? Will Travel
Home Boarding, Grooming, Daycare, Pet and Home Sitting, Anesthesia-Free Teeth Cleaning  Professional Pet Grooming
We also offer Professional Pet Grooming.  You will never have to drive or pick up your pets from a groomer again.  We transport your pets safely to our home facility.  You don't even have to be home...we just safely pick 'em up... groom 'em... and bring 'em home.  And the taxi transport is free for using our service!
They receive my personal care and quality grooming.  We take our time grooming, we pamper them with love, breaks and treats so they enjoy their experience. They have the freedom to relax and socialize in our home and secured outside area since we DO NOT put them into cages!  We customize all our grooming to your specific request.
Grooming three cutiesGrooming Includes
Detangle                Brush Out
Precut                    Cream Rinse
Trim Nails              Fluff Dry
Trim Paws             Scissor Trim
Sanitary Trim         Final Clip
Clean Ears             Deodorize
         Hypoallergenic Bath             
                                                 "Three Cuties Groomed"
Home Boarding, Grooming, Daycare, Pet and Home Sitting, Anesthesia-Free Teeth CleaningAnesthesia-Free Teeth Cleaning for Dogs
We offer Anesthesia-FreeTeeth Cleaning by a Certified Canine Dental Hygienist
All plaque and tartar are removed by thoroughly cleaning the inner and outer surface of your dog's teeth.  This procedure needs to be done periodically so they don't become ill from periodontal disease and loose their teeth.
Our technique is gentle and loving. 
With our professional veterinarian trained hygienist your pet sits in our lap comfortably while we clean their teeth 
completely without the risk of anesthesia or high costs.
We check the teeth and gums for any problems.  We remove the plaque and tartar, administer a antiseptic, and finish with a polishing. It is painless, no health risks, and very affordable.
We support preventative dentistry for your pet.  You will receive a Dental Report Card of the condition of their teeth and instructions on how to keep your pet's teeth and gums healthy.
Check out the incredible improvements below!
Anesthesia-FreeTeeth Cleaning
Professional Teeth Cleaning for Dogs
$100.-$150. - 1st visit and after 6 months - annual
    50. -  maintenance every 3 - 6 months
    20. -  monthly maintenance
(extra fee may apply for dog's teeth in serious condition)
"The personal attention from Lyle is heart warming for our loved pet Annie and us.  It is so important to have complete trust that all will be well when she is in Lyle's care." ...... Linda
Ms Lyle DeLoach, Certified Canine Dental Hygienist, Valley Center  CA, 760-749-0994